Saturday, October 20, 2018

Mass Etiquette


The Church is where we enter to worship and praise God. It is the dwelling place of our Lord Jesus Christ ever present in the Tabernacle. It is a place where the Lord Jesus Himself is waiting to welcome us and shower us with all the blessings. Going into a Church is not the same as going into a movie theater, a sports field, a restaurant or a beach. It is the House of God and one should enter it properly dressed, and in a humble respectful manner. We should be humble and grateful for the privilege of being able to enter into His presence to worship Him, speak to Him, seek His graces, hear His word, or just quietly sit in His presence. In addition, at the Eucharistic Celebration, with the power of the Holy Spirit, plain Bread and Wine are changed into Jesus' Body and Blood for our consumption. Jesus and the communicant become one. We enter the Church leaving the world outside and concentrate on His majesty our creator and redeemer.